Glory to God

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Glory to God

Sheila Daley
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Sheila Daley now shares her ‘spiritual journey’ through the latter years of her life with the guidance of ‘inner’ conversations with Jesus. After receiving Holy Communion, Sheila spoke to Jesus about whether He wanted her to write this book. She didn’t want to reveal her inner experiences, but He made it clear that it was His Will and He told her that He would help her.

A Review from Dr. Noel J. Rode, PhD Info Tech (Digital Systems)

Director, Angelico Graphic Design

“Glory to God is a very inspirational and uplifting book to read. Many of us pray and listen to God speaking in our hearts and Sheila’s book helps us to see the importance of trusting in those subtle inspirations we receive. Printing the book for her was a special delight.”

1 review for Glory to God

  1. Jay

    I found Glory to God a very empowering book, helping me to trust even more deeply when God is speaking through my own heart. By Sheila Daley sharing her very personal experiences, it helped me understand the doubts that arise when I receive subtle messages, through to the confirmation I receive when I have the courage to listen, despite my doubts. This book was a powerful confirmation and timely reminder for me.

    Jay, Qld, Australia

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